More Uses for Coffee Grounds


Coffee grinds have so many uses that go unnoticed! This is a list I’ve compiled of the research I’ve done on what the grinds are good for. I will continually update this page as I stumble across other uses. Hope you enjoy trying these out!

1. Face and body scrub (as depicted in my post from 3/2/10)
2. Garden/ plant fertilizer- just add to soil
3. Deodorizer- down the garbage disposal helps freshen and break up any clogs (when mixed with hot water for the latter)
4. Keep pests away- ants don’t want to cross a line of sprinkled coffee grounds
5. Scalp health- prevents and reduces dandruff when wet or dry used coffee grounds are massaged into scalp then rinsed out
6. Hair color enhancer- liven up brunette and black hair by steeping used grounds in hot water for 15 min and use it as a rinse.
7. Baking- use fresh grinds or leftover coffee in sweets such as brownies, cookies, and cakes for an extra java boost
8. Furniture- mix grounds with water and dab onto furniture scratches (obviously only to darker colored furniture)
9. Drain Cleaner- mix coffee grounds with warm or hot water and pour down drain to help keep drains clear of clogs

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