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Shower Curtain Turned Wall Art


Alright, I admit it has been way too long since I last posted. The good news is that I have a week off until school starts back up again so I plan on loading up on projects, and then remembering to blog about them. When I was trying to think of different project ideas, I knew I had two criteria: thrifty and at least somewhat useful. So, I decided to start with ways I could turn my rented itty bitty house into more of a home, make it feel more comfortable and inviting. I went to a discount store to see if anything caught my eye and spotted a silky shower curtain with a cute design for $2.99… sold! Here is how I turned a shower curtain into wall art.

Place the shower curtain face down on the floor. Then lay whatever type of framing device you want to use (I had plenty of braced stretched canvases laying around so that’s what I used) on top. Cut the top of the shower curtain off where the holes are along the seam. Then cut around the frame leaving 3-5 inch margins, whichever you feel more comfortable about.

Next, you will want to determine if it needs ironing, and if so use an ironing board or place a towel underneath the curtain on top of the carpet. Once it’s all smooth, place the frame on top and fold the fabric over the frame, folding in the corners like you’re wrapping a present.

Using any type of pin available, pin the corners to help hold fabric in place.

To fasten it to the frame, I used a staple gun, but depending on how hard the frame wood is, you could use a regular stapler. Make sure you pull the fabric taught as you staple it to the frame so you have a smooth finished piece of art.

As you can see here, once I hung it up on nails, it scrunched the fabric a little, so if that happens you can take it down and add a few more staples to keep it in place better. And there you have it, wall art for $2.99.

More Uses for Coffee Grounds


Coffee grinds have so many uses that go unnoticed! This is a list I’ve compiled of the research I’ve done on what the grinds are good for. I will continually update this page as I stumble across other uses. Hope you enjoy trying these out!

1. Face and body scrub (as depicted in my post from 3/2/10)
2. Garden/ plant fertilizer- just add to soil
3. Deodorizer- down the garbage disposal helps freshen and break up any clogs (when mixed with hot water for the latter)
4. Keep pests away- ants don’t want to cross a line of sprinkled coffee grounds
5. Scalp health- prevents and reduces dandruff when wet or dry used coffee grounds are massaged into scalp then rinsed out
6. Hair color enhancer- liven up brunette and black hair by steeping used grounds in hot water for 15 min and use it as a rinse.
7. Baking- use fresh grinds or leftover coffee in sweets such as brownies, cookies, and cakes for an extra java boost
8. Furniture- mix grounds with water and dab onto furniture scratches (obviously only to darker colored furniture)
9. Drain Cleaner- mix coffee grounds with warm or hot water and pour down drain to help keep drains clear of clogs