Face and Body Scrub for Coffee Drinkers


Many people know that coffee grinds are a great garden fertilizer, justifying our consumption of the energy booster by making use of the entire process. But what should eco-conscious minds do with their left-over coffee grounds if they don’t have a garden or house plants to fertilize? After experimenting with different ingredients for a DIY face and skin care regime, I found that coffee grounds make an excellent facial and body scrub! Talk about invigorating!

Just add a couple drops of agave nectar or pure organic maple syrup to the grounds to make it into a paste and gently scrub face and body in upward circular motions. Add normal moisturizer or lotion as usual and Voila!

Re-energized, glowing, firmer looking skin is the result from the caffeine and the exfoliation process. There are so many cosmetic companies out there trying to sell you anti-cellulite products when their main active ingredient is caffeine. Save your money and go straight to the source! Now, I’m not trying to say that it’s a cure all because, just like with those creams and gels, it has a limited time frame for which it makes the skin appear smoother. Caffeine, applied topically, boosts the circulation in the skin, increasing blood flow to those areas to which it is applied, making the skin seem fuller and less dimpled.

I don’t believe any woman or man should feel they need to “correct” their (usually genetically inclined) cellulite but I know there is a want by some folks so I thought I would throw that info out there about this homemade scrub. I use it solely because it’s less wasteful, cheap (free if you drink coffee anyways), and an effective invigorating exfoliate that makes my skin radiant!


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  1. brenda says:

    I might just give this a try, but wondering if it is ok to have coffee grounds go down the drain? Or do you tissue it off before you rinse off?

  2. admin says:

    Great question! And the answer is YES, you can definitely have them go down the drains! In fact, I put that as a drain de-clogger use in my “More uses for coffee grounds” page. Letting the coffee grounds mixed with the warm bath water go down the drain help break up any build-up in the drains, it is not too abrasive for any system, unlike some chemical drain cleaners. And, as coffee is an organic and compostable substance, so it’s safe for the environment. Thanks for reading!

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